Charles Owen Halo Headband

Charles Owen Halo Headband

This Charles Owen Halo Headband is made for use specifically with the Charles Owen Halo, Halo Luxe, Halo MIPS and Halo Luxe MIPS helmets. Machine washable and quick to air-dry, it can be used to refresh your helmet by replacing its original removable liner headband. With two or more liners on hand, you will always have one to use while another is being cleaned, so keeping your helmet hygienic is easy.

This helmet headband, or liner, is made of microfresh material that provides enhanced breathability and luxury extended neck padding offers a deep, secure fit. It attaches to the inside of the Halo helmets using premium hook-and-loop closures to ensure that no pressure points exist to cause the rider discomfort.

Charles Owen recommends riders use these replacement headbands to refresh their riding hat and to maintain the original snug fit.

All headbands are sized in individual centimeter sizes, as are shell sizes, for the most accurate measurement. This headband may change the fit of your helmet if it has a different size than the headband that originally accompanied the helmet. Shell sizes are provided here to help you select your headband size.

Shell Small: 52cm-55cm Small

Shell Medium: 55cm Medium-58cm

Shell Luxe: 55cm Medium-58cm

Shell Large: 59cm-61cm

United Kingdom.

Machine wash at 30 degrees Celsius. Hang dry.

92% polyester/8% elastane.