Effol Mouth-Butter Mango

Effol Mouth-Butter Mango

Effol Mouth Butter is a simple and effective way to increase your horse's contentment and performance while riding. Apply this thick, fruit flavored formula onto the corners of your horse's mouth or directly onto the bit to reduce friction and pinching, stimulate calming chewing activity, encourage a softer mouth, and improve bit acceptance for a happier horse and a higher quality ride.

Key Benefits

Improved comfort: Helps to improve your horse's comfort while riding, which leads to better rides.

Great tasting: Available in two tasty flavors your horse will love, Apple and Mango, that help to stimulate calming chewing activity.

Bit acceptance: May be applied directly onto the bit to help it slide more easily into a comfortable position in your horse's mouth to reduce friction and pinching and encourage acceptance.

Protects and softens the mouth: Features Zinc Oxide and Balsam of Peru help to protect your horse's sensitive mouth and Allantoin to keep lips soft and supple.

Directions For Use

Apply generous quantities to the corners of your horse's mouth before and after riding, or apply directly onto the bit to encourage acceptance.