EquiFit® EquiFit® BellyBand™

EquiFit® EquiFit® BellyBand™

The EquiFit® BellyBand™ helps protect against rubs and sores around the horse’s girth area and sides. This BellyBand provides full coverage as it goes all the way around the horse’s barrel and under the saddle, and it stays put unlike previous products designed for this purpose. Made from breathable, neoprene-free, medical-grade elastic that doesn’t roll or pinch, it has a reinforced Velcro® closure at the belly to ensure a secure fit. It attaches on each side to the saddle’s D-clips and attaches to the girth at the sides with Velcro closures. 12" wide.



Cob(73"), Horse(75"), Oversize(77").


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