Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats

Kelcies Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats

Kelcie's Horse Treats are a 100% natural Pumpkin Spice flavored treat that are low in sugar, starch and carbohydrates. The convenient bite-sized nuggets fit easily in your pocket and are perfect for quick positive reinforcement and won't fall apart or crumble. They are manufactured using locally-sourced ingredients and a unique extrusion process ensuring maximum nutrient absorption and optimal digestion. This extrusion process also decreases moisture and prevents mold growth, enabling a longer shelf life, although your horse will most likely eat the entire bag long before!




Unique Pumpkin Spice flavor

Naturally low in sugar, starch and carbohydrates

Rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids that promote healthy coat condition

Small bite-sized shape promotes chewing and increased saliva production which helps to support healthy digestion

Starches in this treat are gelatinized so they can be readily absorbed as glucose in your horse's small intestine, reducing the risk of carbohydrate overload and fermentation in the hind gut, which often causes excess gas

Great energy source



Item Specifications:


Guaranteed Analysis:

Minimum Crude Protein: 17.30%

Minimum Crude Fat: 7.90%

Maximum Crude Fiber: 7.50%

Minimum Calcium: 0.25%

Minimum Phosphorus: 0.60%

Maximum Crude Ash: 6.80%

Maximum Sodium: 0.40%



Wheat middlings, wheat flour, rice bran, beet pulp, soya (soy) bean meal, pumpkin, coconut meal, linseed meal, dried cane molasses, kelp, soya (soy) bean oil, turmeric spice, banana, salt, anise spice.


Directions for Use:

Designed to be a nutritious reward for your horse and not be used as a food replacement.

They can be fed up to 2 lb per horse per day.