Mountain Horse Devonshire Tall Boot

Mountain Horse Devonshire Tall Boot

Waterproof tall barn boot in oily full grain leather. 

Perfect for the wet weather!
• Completely waterproof construction keeps you dry during soaking wet conditions 
• Ergonomically designed, soft ShockX™ insole provides superb comfort and shock absorption 
• Oily full grain leather/Nubuck leather 
• Waterproof 
• ShockX™ Advanced insole system 

ShockX™ Advanced is the 2nd generation ShockX™ insole system based on the original highly accredited ShockX™ concept. The ShockX™ Advanced uses a solid core base consisting of high performance polyurethane material. The ShockX™ Advanced also uses different elevation levels to disperse weight distribution more evenly and effectively providing exceptional comfort and cushioning.


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