Spectrum Breyer Fall Limited Edition Rainbow Reiner

Spectrum Breyer Fall Limited Edition Rainbow Reiner

Our Spectrums have arrived at last!  Limited to 3,500 pieces, Spectrum shines in glorious high gloss on the Bobby Jo reiner mold, and there is no angle on this horse that is not exciting.


She is a rainbow blanket appaloosa with some amazing variation on her head - red splitting into orange, then yellow, and on her hindquarters blue splits into a delicate purple. 


Spectrum is a traditional scale Breyer and will come to you via Priority Mail.  We are currently listing three but there may be more available.  


Your purchase of this lovely model helps support Redbird, a non profit indigenous culture and environmental organization.  Redbird owns and operates Chilao School, home of the The Breyer Store and the annual Models in the Mountains live show and model horse retreat.  You can learn more about us at www.RedbirdsVisions.org, and check out our other listings too; we have anniversary models, CollectAs and occasional vintage and discontinued models.